African Stories 1

“Nakuomba Nerea, usitoe mimba yangu weh
Mungu akileta mtoto, analeta sahani yake…”

This is the latest song from my favourite band Sauti Sol ft Amos and Josh from their latest album Live and Die in Africa (yet to be released). It’s really not a shock that I feature them first.

In this song, the artists are publicly campaigning against abortion and I upload them for that. I also believe that it’s up for interpretation. Now, hold your horses, am not about to slander anybody. Like I said, I love Sauti Sol!

So, who’s N.E.R.E.A? Nigeria, cEntral africa Republic, kEnya and south Africa. These are countries that have been targeted by terrorists to bring death and fear in the recent past. So why these specific countries? Well, they have brought to the lime light the struggles Africa is facing but not giving in to. Our countries, our continent is expectant. She’s “pregnant” expecting leaders of tomorrow to bring new innovations, to overcome her stereotypes, to shine her star. But this is being hindered by the youths deaths. The greatest lose a nation can experience is that of human life and worse even the death of her youths.

“Huenda akawa Obama tawale Amerika,
huenda akawa Lupita Oscar nazo akashinda…
huenda akawa Kenyatta mwanzilishi wa taifa…
huenda akawa Mathai yalinde mazingira,
huenda akawa Mageba nyimbo nzuri akatunga,
huenda akawa Nyerere aongoze Tanzania,
huenda akawa Mandela mkombozi wa Afrika…
huenda akawa Jaramogi Odinga tuungane..” These are just a few of the starts Africa has produced and she’s still delivering more, some even greater than their predecessors. But how can they be delivered if they are “terminated” before their time? Before they are fully developed? How can they fulfill their destiny? It’s clear that Africa is taking the world by storm. She’s delivering great people. Intelligent, talented and beautiful in their own right. She’s producing more than the world ever expected from her. But this is being sabotaged by boko haram in Nigeria, anti balaka in cEntral africa Republic , alshabaab in kEnya and xenophobic attacks in south Africa. N.E.R.E.A is vulnerable and they need to take measures to protect their “pregnancies” at all cost. Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa have been given so much airtime hence the atrocities are cleared off with a couple of hours or weeks or months but who is taking care of C.A.R? A country that has been having civil war since her independence? It’s so bad that there are barely any more muslims left in the population. Yet no one seems to care about them.

“… huenda akawa malaika Mungu ametupatia…”
As the citizens and as fellow children of our mother countries, we should protect our own. Keep an eye on our children, siblings, relatives and friends. Protect each other instead of waiting and holding our breaths for the government to take action. As the governments takes up their responsibilities of keeping the terrorists out of our countries borders and to bring justice to the victims. The government can only do so much, reach restricted places but we are everywhere. Every child has a parent, or sibling or friend. We need to lookout for one another and work together instead if turning against each other. So let’s be our continent and nations angels. Let us treat one another as we would like to be treated. Let us spread our wings and cover our brothers and sisters with love. Let us cherish N.E.R.E.As pregnancy and that of our mama Africa and overcome the stereotypes created about us.

So to you my darls, be Black, be Beautiful, be Peace Ambassadors and be Malaikas.

But are we really??? To read more on C.A.R…

You can catch these beautiful soles at… ps://


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